Akane Maniax anime review

Akane Maniax anime review
Jouji Gouda is a new transfer student at Hakuryo High. He fell in love at first sight and boldly proposed to Akane Suzumiya, representative of his class, on his first day at the new school. Although Akane finds him very annoying, hot-blooded and simple-minded Jouji never gives up and would do anything to express his love towards Akane.

Despite being a sequel to the hentai classic Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, this is NOT a hentai game. There's no sex, no nudity, and only a few suggestive scenes. It's an often comedic and sometimes touching sidestory that provides closure for one of the original game's most popular characters. Based on the title, you can probably guess which character.

Akane Maniax (a.k.a. "Shooting Star Legend Gouda") covers the period immediately after KimiNozo ends. It assumes that players earned the coveted "Mitsuki ending", where wishy-washy hero Takayuki said goodbye to Akane's bed-ridden sister. Obviously, Akane was rooting for her sister, so she was a bit upset -- perhaps "shattered" would be the better word -- by Takayuki's decision. Originally released as a serial in PC magazines, this fan club disc (which runs around $140 now) compiles all five episodes and piles on a few cool bonuses. Even though the story revolves around Akane, she's seen through the eyes of a new lead character: a senior-year transfer student at Hakuryo Academy.

Anyone who's moved from one school to another has felt that uneasy fear of solitude, but there's also the hope for reinvention. Even though all your old friends are miles away, no one at your new school knows what kind of person you've been or what foolishness you've committed in your bothersome past. Bullies can become stand-up students, renowned troublemakers can bask in anonymity, and geeks can party hearty!

Jouji (George) Gouda is a major geek. Not in the ugly unwashed nerd sense, but in the bandanna-clad, wild-haired, open-collared, Gundam freak sense. His one significant non-geek talent is baseball -- he's been bred to become a home-run king. When Akane Maniax begins, Gouda has just arrived on the schoolgrounds and is already proclaiming his upcoming awesomeness . . .

Being a visual novel (and therefore based around still pictures), most characters in Akane Maniax just sort of materialize onscreen. On the other hand, Gouda often zoooooooms in from the right, trailed by a blurry after-image. This emphasizes Gouda's over-the-top personality. He's even drawn differently from everyone else, with thick black outlines (reminiscent of old '80s anime) instead of thin borders. He's voiced by Tomokazu Seki from Gundam Seed, since development team age can somehow always afford to pay for famous voice actors.

When Gouda zooms into the classroom for the first time and is introduced to his peers (Yoroshiku!), he proudly announces his intention to become the school's all-time greatest baseball star. He's informed by Takeo (the fat bespectacled nerd who's about to bust out of his tightly-buttoned shirt) that a senior-year transfer can't join the baseball team. Signups have already ended.

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