Bathtime with Hinako anime review

Bathtime with Hinako anime review
Isshoni Training is the brainchild of one man, who wrote and funded the entire concept, featuring the 16-year-old Hinako who has been magically transformed from a real girl into an anime character. The first Training with Hinako special in 2009 features the character doing various exercises in skimpy clothing, the second Sleeping with Hinako in 2010 shows the character...uh...sleeping. This is the third special, Bathing with Hinako, released on December 23, 2010, continuing with a similar theme.

What's hilarious about this show is that, despite being in the bath, Hinako never quite reveals the bits that would land this show in the Adults Only section of this website. Instead, we return to the exercise format of the first episode, though again there's those pesky cameramen to ensure the audience is paying attention to anything but fitness. And then Hinako's twelve-year-old (ATTENTION: NOT EVEN LEGAL IN JAPAN!) friend Hiyoko shows up to join her in the bath, and this whole franchise leaps headlong into ecchi territory with the kind of skinship groping that only a perverted Japanese man would be ballsy enough to animate into a cartoon.

In a series with no fourth wall, so you're right there with them.

I have to imagine my sixteen-year-old self would have pretty much thought the Hinako series was the coolest thing, like, ever, but my thirty-three-year-old self is having a hard time typing thanks to having one palm essentially stapled to my face through the entirety of this show, largely because I am not Glenn Quagmire. It's embarrassing, it's brainless, it's a lot of shoulders and knees and backs and blushing teenage girls groping each other and moaning because this sort of stuff clearly happens all the time in Japan.

We do at least get an in-depth cultural look at how bathing in Japan is fundamentally different than in Western countries, and as always, Mai Kadowaki is insanely cute as Hinako, but, you know...

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: Bathtime with Hinako. Watch it now:
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