Bus Gamer anime review

Bus Gamer anime review
When three complete strangers, Mishiba Toki, Nakajyo Nobuto and Saitoh Kazuo, are hired by a corporation to compete in the Bus Game, an illegal dog-fight conducted in strict secrecy, they are given the team code of "Team AAA" (Triple Anonymous). This group of three who differ entirely from their living environments to their personalities have to work together effectively, but without mutually wiping out their mistrust of each other or prying into each other's privacy. They only have one point in common - each of them need a large amount of money for their individual circumstances. To get the money, they must play in the game despite their very own lives being at stake.

When I first heard the name of this anime, the only thing that came to mind was a bunch of guys playing Super Smash Brothers on a school bus, with a plot that is basically a rehash of the movie Speed. It only took five seconds to realize that Bus Gamer has nothing to do with any of those, and only another five minutes to realize it doesn’t have much to do with anything at all. The whole three episodes were really just a few vague plot points with no real resolution. If you never saw this show in your life, trust me; you weren’t missing much.

The first few minutes told me I probably wasn’t going to like this. While I tried hard to force myself to take off my critic’s cap and just watch, all my efforts were quickly thrown out the window. The show has a cast of vapid bishounen, by far my least favorite anime stereotype. Toki is a cold emotionless sociopath; Nobuo is made to appear badass at all time, and Saitou, well, I just want to shoot him because he’s so annoying. It’s hard to feel anything for a trio with less personality than a wet dishtowel; however, they are even more alienating by aesthetically being thrown into an environment that does not fit the character designs. Pretty characters in a world that fits the philosophy that “real is brown” is a poor fit.

As far as story goes, there is even less to talk about. The whole three episodes consist of a few loosely connected fights being fought by a trio with vaguely un-established motivations. There are not enough subtle clues to understand why anyone is participating in these death matches and the whole reason they exist is just because a bunch of rich business men decide to sick a bunch of desperate people on each other and give money to the winner. It’s all an excuse for some actions scenes, which are kind of fun to watch but are nothing an avid action fan has not seen before.

In all honesty, Bus Gamer is utterly useless overall. There is absolutely nothing special about it. Everyone in it is “meh,” the show goes from insipid to quite bad, and the lack of any real closure makes the overall experience a waste of time. The three episodes ends up being all for naught, and I’m left feeling that this is just some commercial for a manga… a one volume manga printed seven years ago, mind you. Ultimately, Bus Gamer is something I just cannot bring myself to recommend. If you are an action junky, you should already know at least ten titles that are better than this one. If you are the kind to watch anime just because the guys are kind of cute, then I’ve already lost all respect for you.

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