Charger Girl Juden Chan anime review

Charger Girl Juden Chan anime review
Plug is a "Juuden-chan" or "Charger Girl" from a dimension parallel to Earth's own. Her job is to find humans in our dimension that are depressed, transform into her rubber suit, and charge them up to revitalize their energy.

Jesus Christ!  If you were ever wondering how much inappropriate material they could cram into one anime without making it fetishist porn, then have I got a show for you!  Oh sure, we’ve seen shows that were out for a cheap laugh, shock factor, or blatant pandering.  However, not since the twenty-sixth episode of Excel Saga have we seen an anime deliberately try to push the “WRONG!” barrier so many times in such a small space.  Pack away your brain cells because you wont be needing them for Fight! Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!.

Where to start?  I guess that depends on what you, the viewer, is looking for.  Do you want fetishist behavior?  How’s about a couple of attractive young ladies who enjoy being hit on the head with an aluminum bat so much that they wet themselves?  Do you want moe?  How’s about Plug’s “delicious flat chest”, Alesta’s sugary-sweet “off duty” self, or Sento’s little sister and tsundere childhood friend?  Do you want parody and social commentary on the fanservice industry in today’s anime?  How’s about the show-within-the-show that Plug watches constantly about a magical girl named Millie who constantly gets herself into even more perverse situations than the main show’s heroines?  Seriously people, it’s all here!

The characters are a lot of fun to watch.  Sento is a fairly normal guy, aside from his incredibly violent temper, which serves as a unique role reversal.  Usually, we would get an overly violent female protagonist launching the men into high orbit at the first sign of misunderstanding.  Here, Sento is equally as reactionary to our Charger Girls, holding absolutely nothing back as he swings his aluminum bat around.  Plug is an airhead, but not to a degree that you can’t still find her lovable.  And Alesta’s dead-serious exterior is merely a cover for her high gear moe mode underneath.  Toss in some Plug Clones, a pair of sultry investigators from the parallel world, a spoiled brat antagonist, and some filthy mouthed magical girl mascots, and you’ve got a unique blend of weird characters that, along with a twelve episode run, keep things from getting stale.

“Okay”, you say, “but what is this show about?”.  To be honest, I’m not sure I can really tell you what the ultimate purpose is behind Juuden-chan, aside from being damned hilarious.  The original mangaka is a mysterious sort by the pen-name of Bow Ditama.  This insane “genius” has given us the illicit siblings of KissxSis and the legendary boobtastic Mahoromatic.  It doesn’t take an anime and manga expert to realize that this person’s forte is fanservice and adult material (they also dabble in the h-doujinshi market).  Juuden-chan is their first real attempt at trying to use the fanservice to both be humorous and to make a point.  It seems almost self parody, in a way, in that there’s so much “in your face” content here.  Ultimately, Juuden-chan is a fun fanservice romp that also tries to kick the rest of the fanservice and moe trend followers in the pants.

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