Cluster Edge anime review

Cluster Edge anime review
Agate Fluorite is the new transfer student at the elite school, "Cluster E.A.", in which the sons of many prestigious families from different countries gather to study together. Soon after, Agate's unexpected antics and enthusiasm in life impress many of his schoolmates, including Beryl Jasper, an honor student who is bored with his current way of life. However, unknown to Agate, he was born with a secret power that can create miracles.

Cluster Edge is an anime series created by a known anime studio in Japan called Sunrise. It has the feel of science fiction and military drama with a feel of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries due to people's clothing, building designs, and vehicles. The vehicles would be something that you would see in the era of Henry Ford. Common vehicles in Cluster Edge are something that would be deemed as invaluable classics in this present time. Cluster Edge revolves around Agate Fluorite and Beryl Jasper whom are students at a prestigious school where children of many prestigious families come and go to school together.

Agate Fluorite is an honor student at the academy who seems to have a noble streak to him. He seems to have a love for life and enjoys helping other people. But it's revealed that Agate seems to be a daredevil who would risk his life to save his friends. He tends to be very enthusiastic and is there for his friends.

It also revolves around Beryl Japser who is a very notable and prestigious student of the Cluster Edge Academy. Like Agate, Beryl too has a noble streak. However, he finds himself drawn to Agate due to his enthusiasm. He contrasts with Agate in some ways. Beryl is a more prestigious student who has very high grades. Unlike Agate, Beryl is pretty bored with his life.

The story also revolves around Fon Aina Sulfur a student that has been going to the Cluster Edge Academy for awhile. However, he has been bullied awhile before transferring to the Cluster Edge Academy. However, there is competition with a military school that Fan used to attend. The students constantly mocked and bullied Fan and they did it again when they came to the Cluster Edge Academy. A good deal of Cluster Edge revolves around Fon trying to stand up to himself.

It's revealed that the military academy likes to antagonize the Cluster Edge Academy. They have resulted to dirty tactics such as trying to injure Beryl in order to easily win the fencing competition.

Cluster Edge's main driving force is Agate who is an excellent mechanic and pilot but with the power to create miracles. It is buy this miracle that a pilot that Agate tried to help out was saved from enemy gunfire. This is also by Agate's miracle ability that Fan survived a car crash by driving too fast. It seems that the special power is something that Agate doesn't know he was born with. But, he uses it for good.

The other driving force is the use of artificial soldiers who are robots created for combat. Beryl who is a champion fencer and the number one fencer at Cluster said it was pointless to draw a sword as artificial soldiers are the ones that do the combat. But it's found out that Agate was helping a sympathizer of artificial soldiers. In turn, Agate is forced to run as the military is after him as he is wanted for treason.

His power of miracles makes the military want to capture him even more. However, the miracle also brings the attention of the religious sect. The rest of the story revolves around the military and the religious sect going after Agate. But he finds allies in both Fan and Beryl.

Overall, Cluster Edge presents an interesting mix of military drama and science fiction. The aircraft seem to be something picked up from the side-scrolling arcade shooter from Capcom called "Progear" that was released several years ago. Some influences for the aircraft could also have been inspired from the anime series called "Last Exile" as the setting and the feel were similar.

There is supposed to be a Cluster Edge videogame coming out for the Playstation 2 on September 14. But it's unknown if the game will be in just Japan or if there will be a domestic release.

Cluster Edge is strictly in Japanese with English subtitles. There is no English dubbed version of Cluster Edge at the moment as the North American license is unavailable right now. It's unknown if the creators will offer a North American license for sale. There might not be a dubbed version for at least a good year or two. It could take longer as there is no news of any company acquiring the North American license.

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