Dear Boys anime review

Dear Boys anime review
Dear Boys is a story about determination to excel in a sport inwhich you love and also have fun at the same time. The tension as underdogs in the whole prefecture with only 5 players. How this team struggle to win, setbacks, teamwork, a purpose in life. This story relates to our lives as we strive to do our best, not just in sports, school but also relationships between friends and ones we love.

The story centers on Japanese high school basketball sensation Aikawa Kazuhiko. After carrying his team at Tendoji High School to a national championship, he transfers to Mizuho High. The reasons for his transfer are simple. He wants to play FUN bastketball. The anime revolves around the team of five players who attempt to do the impossible and make it to the inter-high basketball tournament. Their struggles and triumphs are the core of this basketball anime.

Well its not that great. Put simply, it is pretty crappy. The players move about in very choppy motions. There are few moments where a move is executed with fluidity. The use of "speed lines" occurs far too often for my own liking. But occasionally, Aikawa does something worth animating, and those usually come out decently. I think that if the animation had been turned up a few notches, the anime itself would have been a lot better.

The Mizuho team is a pretty plain parade of characters. Not that they are not cool to see. Aikawa and Fujiwara both look cool. Fuji looks like a young, baller version of Saitoh Hajime of Rurouni Kenshin fame. Overall, nothing that stands out, good or bad.

The sound is a mixed bag as well. A lot of JPOP sounding stuff going on throughout. At times it works really well. Other times, you wish it would stop. But the score does its job well enough. It does get you involved in the anime more than if the tournaments lacked music. The intro is, how do I put this... Well, let me quote, "Hey guys, one, two, three, sound the voice of rebound!". Umm yeah. The ending song, which features a Japanese rapper is another weird one. Rap should be left to the U.S. Sorry, that's just how I feel.

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: Dear Boys. Watch it now:
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