Demon King Daimao anime review

Demon King Daimao anime review
The story of "love, magic, and battles" revolves around Akuto Sai, a boy who aims to become part of his country's highest order of magicians and contribute to society. On the day he is admitted into the Constant Magical Academy, his aptitude test predicts the following: "Future Occupation … Devil King." Thus begins his difficult school life in which he is resented by his studious female class head, desired by a girl with mysterious powers, and guarded by a beautiful female android.

So I watched this Twelve episode anime at my anime club and at home to finish it and now I'm going to share what I think of it with all of you

First off


Demon King Daimao is one of the funniest, fanservicey things you can watch. The plot is what a lot of my friend were calling Harry Potter with Boobs.

Okay yes this sounds similar to Mahou Sensei Negima, but it is NOTHING LIKE MAHOU SENSEI NEGIMA

Ken Akametsu provides clothing damage and anime anatomy from time to time

the creator of this series does it....just for the hell of it

I counted 80 panty shots in twelve episodes

Also, as with Dragon Half, this is as close as one gets to hentai without being hentai, but even more so.

Let me say that in one episode one of the characters is masturbating ON FRICKEN SCREEN. The camera was JUUUUUUUST outside our viewing range where her hand and nether regions would be. But you see her arm moving, her face getting sweaty and when she finally moves her hand it's glistening

Subtle DKD writers.

On top of that, later that VERY SAME EPISODE, an aphrodisiac love brainwashing backfires and forces several lesbian students to attack their dormitory president in what basically amounts to a gang rape played for laughs
Even the girls want her indeed

There's also tentacle rape...well almost

Then there's also this sea cucumber incident

One of the characters grabs a sea cucumber from out of the water and starts stroking it VERY SUGGESTIVELY until this WHITE stuff goes EVERYWHERE and ALL OVER the resident Tsundere RIGHT IN FRONT OF the main hero. Very subtle

So to get into actual plot. Our main protagonist, Akuto Sai is an atheist that doesn't believe God really exists and wants to become a Grand Priest to change the system, but when he arrives at the magical academy the Sorting ha....I mean Chain smoking Crow that does palm reading tells him that his future occupation is

Demon King

The rest of the students completely freak out and treat him like an outcast

Because that's what we do to future tyrants of the world we treat them like shit. That certainly will be good for our future

Well as you can expect, Akuto doesn't WANT the responsibility of Demon King and tries to change his destiny, but just winds up digging a bigger and bigger hole regardless of what he does.

He winds up getting monitored by the government through a female surveilance agent who takes up the job of being comically serious and VERY INTRUSIVE

"Why do men care about the size of their penises?"

Oh did I forget to mention the language of this series isn't subtle EITHER

Most shows you don't even get that or get a "if you know what I mean"
Not here

Boob shots galore
Panty shots galore

And we get what amounts to a subverted sex scene
I'm not too dissapointed about that
Mirai Nikki will produce a non-subverted anime one in about mmmm 10 weeks at the rate it's going

What I mean by subverted is that our resident Tsundere, Junko Hattori, brings the main hero to her house because her father, not knowing he's the next demon king, believes she and Akuto should get married
Akuto being Oblivious to love doesn't realize this and when Junko sneaks into his room at night and starts taking off his robe, he stops her, asking if her family put her up to this

(if I could borrow a line from Chester A. Bum here)


I can understand a little, since this is Japan and I've read up on some Japanese sexual cultural norms, thank you Human Sexuality class, but still completely killed the moment, and it made Junko cry.

Yeah that's right, she actually WANTED to go through with it, and the marriage.
At the end she even says Screw the Rules I'm Doing What's Right. She throws aside family tradition and kicks some serious ass all for Akuto's sake, despite, at the beginning despising him for being the future Demon King

And then there's Keena


Let me start  by saying that while I like her character


She makes Orihime look like a brain surgeon by comparison to how ditzy of a pole she is and her voice is ULTIMATELY ANNOYING!
It really Tastes Like Diabetes

But she's funny, and very cute

She's also the innocent fanservice girl

She can turn invisible, but her clothes don't turn invisible with her so she TAKES THEM OFF either before or after she switches to being invisible and when she turns visible again it's like Yoruichi returning from her cat form

Sometimes we don't even see her taking her clothes off, sometimes she just appears out of thin air and we didn't even know she was there.

And it's always hilarious too to see her appear right before our very eyes
There's a nice little bromance for the Yaoi fangirls  whoopie

And did I mention that the dragon who becomes Akuto's pet ( and I say dragon in the sense of frakking huge ass dragon) breathes drills

forget Simon, his drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens

And then really the last character I really care to talk about is Fujiko Etou

This is the girl that always TRIES to be manipulative or helpful in a dark way (getting Akuto to like her with love magic, controlling demon beasts) and it always BACKFIRES HORRIBLY BUT HILARIOUSLY

most prominent instance: the gang rape incident
and the other humorous instance: tentacle rape

and some of her fantasies are just...really errotic

If you're looking for the resident ms. fanservice that's her right there
And that's really all I have time for / care to discuss

Demon King Daimao is good for anyone who wants a cheap laugh and a series that isn't afraid to take a stand against the Moral Guardians

Because the very fact that this show got an English Dub meant it was airing on TV at some point

The Moral Guardians weren't asleep when this aired
they were dead


Better than review, is a Trailer video of: Demon King Daimao. Watch it now:
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