El Cazador de la Bruja anime review

El Cazador de la Bruja anime review
Ellis, a young girl suspected of murdering prominent physicist Heinrich Schneider, is on the run from prosecution when she is tracked down by a female bounty hunter Nadie in a small Mexican town. However, instead of turning her in, Nadie impulsively decides to help her and the two embark on a journey south where they hope to find clues about Ellis' past. The guiding stars of their journey are the mysterious gemstone "Rosa del Inca" and the "Eternal City" of WiƱay Marka.

El Cazador de la Bruja is a twenty-six episode Japanese anime series that is directed by Koichi Mashimo, written by Kenichi Kanemaki, and animated by Bee Train, with its original run starting from April 2, 2007 until September 24, 2007. It had started its first airing on TV Tokyo. This is deemed to be the spiritual successor to both "Noir" and "Madlax." This is the last series to be in the "girls-with-guns" trilogy from Bee Train. However, each of these series has a different feel.

In the case of Noir, it revolves around the lives of two young female assassins. In the case of Madlax, it focuses on the lives of female soldiers. In the case of El Cazador, revolves around bounty hunters chasing down a young girl. However, there is a supernatural twist in El Cazador. The series combines the genres of adventure, drama, western, and supernatural to create one interesting storyline.

The main characters are two young females named Ellis and Nadie. Bounty hunters left and right are after Ellis to collect a bounty on her head. Ellis is an amnesiac who is on the run from the law. She is suspected of murdering a physics scientist named Dr. Heinrich "Heinz" Schneider.

While on the run, Ellis heads south of the border to find the truth about the incident along with finding her origins. It is revealed that Ellis has supernatural powers which are first exhibited in the first episode by causing an enemy's gun to heat up and go off. She has the abilities such as superhuman strength, temporarily levitation, the ability to heat and freeze physical objects. Unfortunately, Ellis' powers only become active in a desperate time of need. In short, she cannot control those powers at will.

Ellis is accompanied and protected by the other protagonist, a female maverick bounty hunter named Nadie. While Nadie does not possess any supernatural abilities, she is highly skilled in firearms and martial arts. She is the polar opposite to Nadie.

The story revolves around Ellis and Nadie heading down south trying to find out the truth about everything while avoiding all the full-time bounty hunters. They eventually cross paths with Douglas Rosenberg, a CIA agent, who serves to be the main protagonist of the series.

El Cazador definite does give a new take on girls with guns. The setting is much different as the locations seem to take the characters through Central America to South America. Noir took the characters across the world while Madlax took place in an alternative timeline of Earth.

So far, El Cazador has an interesting storyline. The anime seems to go off in its own direction. The series seems to be a bit livelier than Nori, which is pretty dark. Though El Cazador is interesting, I still somewhat prefer Noir.

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