Emma A Victorian Romance anime review

Emma A Victorian Romance anime review
In late 19th century London, William Jones, a member of the gentry, meets and falls in love with Emma, and she with him. This chance meeting overturns both their lives - for Emma is a maid, and the barriers of class and wealth stand between them.

Finally, a maid anime that isn’t doinky!

Yes, in Victorian Romance Emma, you will find no squicky fanservice, no lolicon, no uncomfortable "Danna-samaaaaa"s, just a woman who happens to be a maid. I have to admit that I was worried this was going to be "just another really bad maid anime", but when I watched the first episode all those fears were dashed. It is simply a very good historical drama, with a great amount of love and detail put into it.

First off, I must mention how GREAT the animation in this series is. It’s doubly surprising when you realize this was done by Studio "No-Budget" Pierrot! But the animation quality is a far cry from series like Naruto or Tokyo Underground. It’s so good that in crowd scenes, people actually *move*! And there is just about no Engrish to be seen. Although there are a few slip-ups (like characters reading books from right to left), the detail that was put into this anime is astounding. The character designs are also pleasant to look at.

The plot and characters are also excellent. There aren't really any super-unlikable characters in this series, and you want to cheer Emma and William on. The research that Mori-sensei put in for this series is great, and there are barely any inaccuracies when it comes to depicting life in Victorian times. Unfortunately, this series was cut short from 36 episodes to 12, because Studio Pierrot didn't have any more money ... so the ending doesn't really stop at a good place. It’s not as doinky as the His and Her Circumstances ending, though. Hopefully, Studio Pierrot will be able to get more funding so that they can do more of this series! The music is also beautiful to listen to, especially the OP, and the seiyuu all fit their characters and do a good job.

I very highly recommend this anime, as it proves that maid anime CAN be good and have a plot. I just wish it was longer ... because I really want to spend more time with these characters!

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: Emma A Victorian Romance. Watch it now:
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