Ergo Proxy anime review

Ergo Proxy anime review
Tens of thousands of years ago humans destroyed the atmosphere, lost 85% of the population and had to evacuate Earth. In a hasty attempt to insure the survival of humanity, a human regeneration project was left behind under the care of an unstable management system. In one of the remaining pieces of that project called Romdo City, the proud and cool-minded Re-l Mayer works as an inspector for the Citizen's Intelligence Bureau. During the process of an investigation she meets the earnest and unassuming Vincent Law. Soon after Re-l has a disturbing encounter with a monstrous intruder in her home. Unable to shake the strange feelings she experienced Re-l is drawn into the mystery and terrible fate of the Proxies with which she and Vincent are somehow connected. Together, Re-l and Vincent work to unravel the mystery of Vincent's true identity, the fate of the Proxies and what their future holds now that Earth's atmosphere has finally recovered.

Ergo Proxy has one of the best first episodes of all time, complete with shower scene and perfectly executed original concepts, but tends to become a little confusing towards the last episode. Many people view this confusion as a bad thing, but I found it, at the very least, interesting and, at the very most, satisfyingly emotional. 

In the future everyone has their own robot, or AutoReiv, designed for any purpose and the sanctity of that purpose never come into question by the government.

They’re too busy conducting secret experiments.

The excessively hierarchical city of Romdo, a dome city due to environmental destruction, allows for a dark and mysterious set of occurrences to unfold. The main mystery is that these AutoReivs are contracting a virus that allows them free will.

The viciously determined and beautiful granddaughter of the higher ups, Re-l, in the city is sent to investigate, complete with cyberpunk AutoRiev, Vehicle, and absolute demand for respect. Her cast later grows to a party of four and incorporates more steampunk-like devices. The shadowy and almost murky plot is coupled very nicely by her heavy gothic completion and style. She ends up having to share to role for protagonist with a man named Vincent, who offers some more well executed original concepts later on.

The plot has heavy philosophical undertones and tends to focus on the psychological aspects of the characters as well, rather than infinite futuristic action. When there is action, there is a reason, and it is intended for the viewer to seek that reason out.

When I first watched the series, I know that I saw some notes and quotations provided by certain philosophers at some point in the series. I have had this idea denied by members of my anime society and can no longer seem to find them myself, but do not concede their existence.

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: Ergo Proxy. Watch it now:
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