G On Riders anime review

G On Riders anime review
At Saint Hoshikawa School there is a secret group called the G-On Riders. Students with superior strength and ability are chosen to be in the group, which was formed to fight against alien attacks on the earth. However, many of the problems that the members face are ones amongst themselves, and the same is true for the invaders. And another student at the school, Ichiro, tries despretly to confess his love to Yuki, one of the Riders.

By the time you see a panty shot of someone wearing short-pants, you realize that this show caters specifically to two types of audience (which, oddly enough, cross over fairly significantly in anime fandom):

Guys who like girls with glasses.
Guys who like to see panties.

From the synopsis, you can clearly tell that G-On Riders is not a virtuoso work of animation. Intelligence is clearly not the word one uses to describe this series -- the main characters are hopelessly brain dead, and the gimmicky inclusion of a "nun" named Sera offers more proof that the Japanese have no concept of the Catholic clergy as more than glorified Halloween costumes. (To the creators' credit, they also treat the Japanese shrine maiden character with about the same level of seriousness.)

The sheer level of obsessiveness with meganekko (the Japanese term for "girls with glasses") and their undergarments is simply astounding. The animators made sure that every single girl in this series wears glasses. It's a lecherous optometrist's wet dream.

You have to wonder if there really is any redeeming value in this whole show ... and there is. The invaders (a bunch of incompetent and ridiculously cute little alien twelve-year-olds driving mecha called, of all things, "Fancy Beasts") are absolutely hilarious, and go a long way in making up for the largely vapid protagonists.

As long as you don't take this series seriously at all whatsoever, you may find that G-On Riders is actually quite entertaining and fun. It does fall into the quandary of many entries in its genre -- is it genuinely funny because it's a parody, or is it so cliched that it has become self-parody? With the whole Cosmo-Banchou cyborg aspect and the thoroughly and utterly wrong final episode, I'm inclined to think two things. It's probably the former, and if not, who cares?


Better than review, is a Trailer video of: G On Riders. Watch it now:
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