Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe anime review

Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe anime review
In Kuchen, an island off the edge of Europe, there exists an elite boarding school: The Rosenstolz Academy. Meine Liebe explores the lives of five students who are Strahl (or scholars who aid in protecting the kingdom) candidates.

lol maybe it was the result of the sugar high i was on while i watched this. but i found it very funny...that is, until my sugar high wore off and i suffered through the longest 13 episodes ever...

the main cast is so bishie, lol, and the whole overtone is serious and sophisticated, but it makes me laugh cause they talk in their deep "serious" voices, and it just sounds so puffed up and pompous like someone trying to sound important though they know they're not. and its like every face is botox injected because there's hardly any expressions (and no wrinkles at all except for the bad guys). it takes ALOT away from the series, that their faces have no emotion. the voice inflections are there, but their faces o.o...i know i would have enjoyed it more had they animated the emotion.

and lol they really shouldn't give them such long (german) names, it takes the VAs awhile to finish it, there's a pause between each name. and lol each lengthy dialogue scene between all our bishies is like a portrait in where the characters stay absolutely still but for their barely moving mouths. i guess they save most of the animation for the sword fights. makes sense i guess.

despite all the poor animation, i do like the characters though (there's some wonderful yaoi potential for fanficcers lol). they do have their depth. whoever knew brash ed played the piano? it surprised me. and lui? there's a driven person for you though he was kinda preachy. i felt the dynamics were better when lui and orphe would go head to head but were still "friends" in a sense. their monotonous arguing was pretty (funny enough) endearing.

each of the first five or so episodes is dedicated to each of the strahl candidates to "explore" their background and motivations, which i felt was just blah cause while we were focused on the one character the others kinda just served as an excuse to bring that background up. contrived. heh. yea, now that i think about it, many elements in the series were set up very awkwardly.

the intrigue, the politics, the philosophy, are all very subtly complex. the issues dealt with corruption and power and idyllic aspirations and cynical realism are all handled very very well. i'm very impressed. animation and set up problems aside, of course.

what is it with bishies and their flowers? the weiss kruez boys owned a flower shop, and now the meine liebe boys hang out in the greenhouse all the time lol.

the op wasn't impressive. and what the heck was with the ep? the ost is, like the series, somber, but at times very our bishies lol.

overall, it's an interesting political picture, and it has a lot of potential, but this series fails on too many things for me to enjoy it. hopefully the sequel will be better.

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