Glass Maiden anime review

Glass Maiden anime review
The stage is the Middle East in a not too far away future: in Rags Town, a city full of scum. A carefree detective named Shun is living in this city, doing what he pleases. But one day he meets a beautiful girl who's lost her memory, and he tries to solve her mystery without knowing that this would change his life and make him face a powerful enemy.

Last but not least of the three anime shows that I finished this week was Crystal Blaze also known as Glass Maiden. This show didn't have a huge fan base so it took some time to finish the show (it started in April and was only 12 episodes long) and I think that was pretty sad as I thought it was a good show it just wasn't ecchi/moe/Code Geass enough for other people I guess. In fact try finding any pictures for this show and it's a crap shoot there are a few screenshots here and there but there is ZERO fan based stuff out there. Which honestly sucks as there are quit a few good looking ladies in this series. I think I saw one image from Megami once when it first came out but that's about it. In any case as usual wiki has a page for Glass Maiden that you can check out for all the important information.

Of course I liked this show because it wasn't the same old same old moe fluff that has been out lately. It's no Black Lagoon but it is a decent detective/scifi show that tosses in a little fanservice and a little dark humor and of course something out of left field. So why is this show called Crystal Blaze/Glass Maiden? Well that's simple the main plot of the show revolves around HW-9 a pretty lady that has been genetically altered to be a human weapon. The problem with her and the other HW's is that their life expectancy is VERY short and they tend to turn into a green glass lady before they explode into dusty. HW-9 escapes the lab and finds her life in the car of the detective agency that was hired to pick her up and their next door neighbor doctor who is able to stabilize HW-9 so that she is able to survive longer than the other human weapons. Of course now they are being hunted by the people from the lab and all sorts of fun stuff happens. The rest of the cast is pretty interesting as well you have the teenage girls trying their best to be good detectives the gun toting cosplaying nurse (who's my favorite) the cross dressing sniper/intel agent bar tender the pervy doctor that knows way more than he should for a neighborhood doc in a box and the 44mag welding 80's Firebird driving womanizing detective rounding out the cast. It all makes for fun week long romp though some mystery no questions asked backwoods city where people go to escape.

All this is pretty well paced out right up until the end were it seemed a bit to rushed so I didn't really care for that but at least it easily tied up all the loose ends up rather nicely into one little episode. Because of the lack of a fan base I don't see this making it to the states which is pretty sad as I think there might be enough older anime fans like myself who like this sort of non moe none mecha stuff who could support a release over seas so who knows but I'm not holding my breath as I only think this is only rent worthy. It's a good show just not good enough to be a must buy. If it gets a chance at being released online you might get a good chance to check this show out again. Pretty short lil' review I guess but that's just how it is sometimes.

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: Glass Maiden. Watch it now:
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