Gokudo anime review

Gokudo anime review
Gokudo is an adventurer by heart, his only goals being to get all the money and hot babes in the world. After being told by an old hag in a local bar that an evil king seeks to harm him, he is set forth unknowingly on a hilarious adventure filled with a gender changing genie, demon prince, and sword wielding enemies galore. The story thickens later on when Gokudo and friends find out the real reason for their series of events.

This was one of those series I saw pictures for in Animage magazine and simply assumed the worst. Obnoxious, brash, lecherous anti-hero - low-budget animation - scantily-clad women ... this is going to be bad, right?

Well, not entirely. Actually, Gokudo is a goofy, hectic, and eclectic bit of anime that, while not for everyone, is certainly interesting and entertaining, which is more than can be said about other titles out there.

But if you're here to see Dragon Ball Z, or Slayers, or Soul Hunter, prepare to be disappointed. There are precisely zero major action sequences in this film (as far as I've seen). Frankly, this show isn't about that. What it is about is placing as many silly sight gags and mildly lecherous humor into a fantasy setting as possible. Let it be known that the spirit-swapping gag is one of them, and it's worse than Kimagure Orange Road and Ranma 1/2 combined when dealing with the possibilities of such a stunt. There's also lots of general SD madness, and the show's quite cartoony in style anyway.

Speaking of style, the animation, while competent, doesn't exactly stretch the limits of a TV series budget. Anything that could have remotely posed a challenge to the animators is omitted by a very convenient (but very cute) bunny girl scene-changer, which is kind of a gag in itself (though not quite as cool as Haunted Junction's wipe scenes). The music makes sense for the series, though sometimes it's rather hard to tell, with Gokudo's seiyuu yelling constantly as if he's listening to heavy metal while trying to act his lines.

As for plot ... well, apart from the whole "anti-hero's journey" thing, there apparently is no plot. But there are plenty of cliches to stomp on, and plenty of sight gags to perform, and that seems to be enough for Gokudo and crew. Personally, I'd normally prefer a bit more class and subtlety in a title (of which this show has neither), but I sure wouldn't mind perusing this Travelogue again.

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