Haruka Beyond the Stream of Time anime review

Haruka Beyond the Stream of Time anime review
Akane Motomiya and her friends Tenma and Shimon are pulled by a demon into another world, where Akane becomes the Priestess of the Dragon God. The people of this world tell her that she is the only one who can stop the demons from taking over; meanwhile, the demons want to use her power for their own ends. Luckily, Akane has the Hachiyou, eight men with powers of their own who are sworn to protect the Dragon Priestess.

Haruka ~Beyond the Stream of Time~ felt like it was setting itself on a decent if predictable course by having the Guardians search out for the talismans and undergo the trials that are required. The initial one we had in that volume was basic enough and there was an interesting hint at another attempt in the third episode that didn’t pan out, something that was admittedly surprising. Hoping for more of the same with this volume, we mostly do get that but not without a bit of fluff first.

And fluff that’s pretty uninteresting in general at that which makes it all the worse. When Akane runs across a girl who looks exactly like her, just with a different color hair, she’s quite taken with her and eager to help her out with her problem. Her problem is that she’s not exactly someone of proper birth and social rank to be interested in the young nobleman that is most definitely interested in her. So what’s Akane to do? Utilize her influence as the Priestess? No, she decides to have the Guardians stage a kidnapping of her and set things up so that the two can live happily ever after. It’s such an inane episode outside of the simple premise that it’s intending to have all the Guardians work together at long last. That in itself is a decent enough idea but the way it’s done left me rather uninterested in seeing how it plays out.

Once past that, the show starts back down a more familiar path. The use of other characters to help illustrate the various situations works rather nicely, though it does push the idea of “character episodes” which I generally dislike. For this volume, Eisen gets some screen time once again as he’s working though his feelings about Akane while trying to help her out as much as he can. His feelings for Akane are only getting stronger but he’s working to try and temper them so that he can help with what she’s trying to do in the search for the talismans. Eisen has been one of the weaker characters in the show, which is saying a lot when someone like Shimon stands out better than him, and this episode doesn’t really help to establish him any better.

The only episode that really stands out as good here is the last one which again involves the pairing of Tomomasa and Takamichi. Takamichi is still very intent on doing things right by the country and the princess but also his long lost (step)mother. His past is put on display as he talks in detail with Akane about how he was raised and the kinds of trials he went through as a child. This does bring her closer to him, but it also enlightens the eavesdropping Tomomasa as to what’s really motivating the earnest young scholar. Naturally, that past comes into play when Shirin decides to try and use him to her advantage in finding the next talisman so things are pretty easily foretold here. What makes it fun is that both Takamichi and Tomomasa are opposites so watching them play against each other in this situation made me smile a lot. Tomomasa is still the only male character in this show that makes me smile since he comes across as if he’s too good to even be in this show.

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