Heroman anime review

Heroman anime review
An American kid named Joey lives in an urban city & has always wanted to become a hero. Unfortunately he's just an orphan working part time to support his grandma and himself. After he watched a toy commercial on a new robot action figure, Joey believe he'll gain strength if he obtains one. The only robot toy he can get his hands on is a broken one that was abandon by a rich school bully. Feeling pity for the trashed action figure, Joey took it home to repair it. Little did he know, that once he repairs the toy, it'll make his hero dream become a reality.

After watching Gia and John’s video review on Heroman, I just can’t let them express their opinion without giving mine as well. If you have not watched the first episode, go watch it now (or finish reading this and then watch it), but for those of you who are not members will have to wait two days it will be free, so hang in there. I am not going to go in detail about the story, because Gia and John do a pretty swell job at explaining it. To put it simply, Peter Parker gets a JoJo Bizarre Adventure stand.

This is more than just an anime, it is a combination of east meets west, American comic books meets Japanese anime. In case you do not know, Stan Lee, one of the godfathers of the American comic industry wrote this show as well as created it, with anime studio Bones, who animated  such hits as Darker than Black, Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, and FMA; it really could not get any better than this.

Let us forget about the story for now and just concentrate on it’s sexyness. Bones did a fantastic job with this show, featuring movie-quality visuals with smooth animation; let us hope they can keep it up past the first episode. Music is upbeat and catchy, reminding me of such anime as Soul Eater and Gurren Lagann. If nothing else, these two elements alone make this a must-watch series.

The story on the other hand is what tends to turn people off to the series, with complaints like how it is too cliche for example. But I believe that is the point. This show is a throwback to both Saturday morning cartoons and superhero stories we all know by heart. To some extent, I can see that this story is not even meant for Japanese fans. Kids these days love anime style, and by bringing this over and sticking it in some early morning slot, this baby will sell like chocolate covered Pokemon cards; I’m calling it now! Regardless, If cliche stories were bad, then they wouldn’t be cliche in the first place, so give it a shot.

The one question on my mind as I watch this series is what message this time is Stan Lee is trying to pump into our brains. Spiderman has “with great power comes great responsibility”, Fantastic Four tells us the importance of family and friends, and Iron Man eludes us to not drink and pilot a power suit at the same time. But what about Heroman? Is it controling people to get what you need? Depending on others? I can’t tell yet, but I’m sure Stan Lee has something up his coffee-filled sleeves.

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: Heroman. Watch it now:
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