Highschool of the Dead anime review

Highschool of the Dead anime review
Takashi Komuro is a normal high school boy, until an infection breaks out that turns people into zombie-like creatures. Along with his friends & the school nurse, they fight their way out and continue their journey to find out what exactly has happened to the world.

How low can fanservice go? This is the question that will fuel my whole review, since it has tormented me through the whole anime, which was in the end simply zombies and boobs. If you’re expecting more than that out of high school of the dead then ,my friend, go elsewhere because this anime will only be this, action and painfully awkward pantyshots, and god know how it’s actually entertaining. I will never be able to deny the fact I liked this, but it doesn’t mean it’s good.

The anime revolves around an already well exploited subject in American cinema, and that is zombie apocalypse. As every other advancement in this theme, the anime brings out its own kind of zombies and gives them some peculiar characteristics. Even if the original plot, surviving the apocalypse, hardly differs from zombie movies to zombie anime, the significant difference will only be the realism of it all. The anime being a lot more over the top, obviously. Apart from being very over the top at times, it can be seen that it took some inspiration from previous zombie works, giving us a shady explanation to the apocalypse, for example some okay depiction of chaos and some cold hearted new realities. Where I wish to criticize the anime is not in the matter of the actual survival part or the plot, even if their chances of survival with the behaviour they had were very low (they obviously never read Max Brooks Zombie survival guide), it’s in the whole creation of the anime itself. What I mean by that; Fan service, the worst sin of anime is to abuse from it. Although it is sometimes used carefully a can be enjoyable, this anime has not at all understood the ‘’subtle’’ part that made some fan service good. I am dead serious about this, fan service in this anime is simply an interest destroyer, it simply renders everything ridiculous. How can I take the death of someone seriously if you keep showing panty shots as she is getting eaten. How can I mourn the death of a character if all you show me after are shower scenes that destroy all the ‘’ambiance’’ and the general tension you try to build up. I dare you to try to find a part in this anime where there are 30 seconds without fanservice because I literally found a least one random fan service shot every 4 seconds, it is inhuman. There are so many boobs, panty and ass shots that it makes it impossible to take this seriously and it even, at one point, gets insulting to see how they think we like our anime. If you managed to stand this and actually fully appreciate this anime then, congratulations, you are now either blind, stupid or have absolutely no sense of pride and good taste. I’m sorry guys, but so much fan service is simply inacceptable to me, and even with all that said, I cannot deny that I actually found myself entertained and even hooked on to this anime. I can also genuinely say that if there would have been more episodes, I would have gladly watched them since, it has some good content. There was even a point where I appreciated the sexual tension (and indecently the fan service) but holy shit it’s dumb as fuck.  Finally, the anime beneficiated from an okay plot and actually acceptable dialogue at times.

It would be overreacting to say that the characters were there simply for the purpose of more boobs and asses, but it would be overestimating to say all of them were good. I’ll admit that I was agreeably surprised by some characters including the main male character and the female lead because of some of their development, their realistic reaction to dreadful situation (imitate attachment to the closest sympathising being) and even some of the romantic development was actually okay and quite ‘’cutesy’’ (while not being logical, or actually good, but it served its purpose).These two characters were acceptable and had some REAL personality. Even if clichéd, it was present, even though the same cannot be said for the other characters since all of the others showed even less originality than the predictable main characters. Other characters can be simply resumed to a gross description. Imagine what I mean by that and your thoughts will surely be quite close to what they are : the war freak nerd, the Smartass bitch, the REALLY USELESS and dumb blond, the sword girl, and the abandoned child. On top of the overly clichéd characters, who are principally used for fanservice (pretty much all are, exept the small girl who is fortunately not imposed such a treatment) some of the characters actually have NO OTHER FUNCTION than fanservice. By that I mean the school doctor, otherwise known as the dumb blond, who apart for being a ‘’doctor’’ and ‘’driver’’ (we never see her heal anyone and she drives like 5 times) is nothing more than a gigantic pair of breats and a huge, focus inclined, ass. All in all, most of the characters are really bad, being nothing more than a huge cliché even if some of them do get some development.

Okay, one last thing about fanservice and I’m done. Apart from being an extremely sexually inclined show, with extremely sexually open characters, they fail a basic stuff in this said fan service. The main thing they fail at would be their boobs physics… gentlemen… ladies… I sure hope you have noticed that boobs, contrarily to anime belief, are not jello; boobs, are not a good way to balance a sniper rifle; and finally, boobs, are not that big (in general, please let us not go in exceptions and keep in mind we are talking here about high schoolers with all DD sized breasts minimum if not E or F). that fact alone was also an insulting part, if you want to show us boobs for a rough total of 1h and a Half (of boob shots only) then please have the decency to educate us correctly and not depict breasts as huge water balloons.

The music was actually good and not repetitive, yet very active, giving the perfect mood for an action and horror styled anime. The only change I would give would be to hove in original the Twilight Guardian’s cover of La Isla Bonita in episode 8 (Amv Hell 5 reference, go watch it). Oh and there was a mildly interesting opening, art is good, if there would be less fan service in it, it could even be very interesting.

The art was… revealing. That’s pretty much all I can say…. It was well drawn and the characters looked very sharp and the … hum… shapes… also looked nice. Nuff said.

All in all, I cannot say It was bad, it had its charm and was actually very entertaining, the content was good too, but its hard to take seriously, that’s all. For me, it was hard to like that much and it stayed a normal action anime, or as will said some time ago, a zombie and tits anime.

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: Highschool of the Dead. Watch it now:
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