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Innocent Venus

It is 2010AD, and human civilization is in ruins. Most of the world is covered in giant hurricanes, burried under ice, or sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Most of the remaining land mass and the world's now 3 billion population live on what was once the East Asian continent.

With the help of the Powered Assist Technology, Japan has managed to recover some semblance of society while establishing itself as a military power, fighting off and maintaining its independence from the newly formed Asian Union with their super powered military unit, Phantom. Within Japan, there exists only one district where the wealth gathers. Those living there are called the Logos. Everyone else, the Revenus, is banished outside the district walls and live in absolute destitution.

The Logos military is, for some untold reason, after Sana (codenamed: Venus), a little pink-haired girl. Sana, along with her guardians Jin and Jo, and the shifty Gora, are on the run from the military and Phantom.

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