Innocent Venus anime review

Innocent Venus anime review

It is 2010AD, and human civilization is in ruins. Most of the world is covered in giant hurricanes, burried under ice, or sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Most of the remaining land mass and the world's now 3 billion population live on what was once the East Asian continent.

With the help of the Powered Assist Technology, Japan has managed to recover some semblance of society while establishing itself as a military power, fighting off and maintaining its independence from the newly formed Asian Union with their super powered military unit, Phantom. Within Japan, there exists only one district where the wealth gathers. Those living there are called the Logos. Everyone else, the Revenus, is banished outside the district walls and live in absolute destitution.

The Logos military is, for some untold reason, after Sana (codenamed: Venus), a little pink-haired girl. Sana, along with her guardians Jin and Jo, and the shifty Gora, are on the run from the military and Phantom.

I would recommend Innocent Venus to those that thought Gundam Seed needed less romance, more computer graphics, and be cut down to 12 episodes. Innocent Venus is an anime that is mediocre in many ways except the quality of animation. Stuffed with awkward computer generated battles, Innocent Venus fails to answer the pressing question: "Why? Why do we need a futuristic landscape? Why do we have characters that serve no purpose but to waste time?"

For an anime that is advertised as the re-telling of the formation of Modern Japan, the show is absurdly simplistic. Logos, the new Tokugawa, is an over-the-top evil government that seems happy to send the army out at any time to pillage, and raze. The Revenus are the romantic peasants, while Satsuma is the goody-goody who comes to save everyone. United States...I mean Freedom the foreign devil out to annex Japan again. Not once do we get to see the mentality of the people who live in any of those three areas. There are no debates raging in Logos or Satsuma on what to do if the Revenus turn violent and vice versa. Heck, the most probable reason it's set in the future is to pimp a pink haired girl with the hopes of creating merchandise, and have computer generated mech battle.

There are intriguing characters that are entertaining when the main characters tend to retreat to dialogues that are predictable. In Innocent Venus, they always play second fiddle to the main character...a true tragedy. Toraji Shiba leads the heroic Satsuma and is chivalrous to a fault. He is a brilliant genius that always seems to get defeated right before a main character shows up or just arrives right when a massacre has already occurred. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, many of these characters are never allowed to shine. Frankly, a Japanese Captain Morgan is vastly more entertaining than a dude that broods and never speaks more than ten words in an episode.

Innocent Venus is not good but not bad. It gets straight to the point but tends to cut to computer generated sequences that feels old and clunky. It has an interesting cast but tends to focus on those that are least interesting. Hence, 6/10

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: Innocent Venus. Watch it now:
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