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Aiming to become a molding artist, Itsuki, a childhood friend of Ichitaka who went to America come back to Japan. Iori who refused the idol path and started to pursue her ambition to become an actress instead. Ichitaka, wandering on his bicycle alone, tries to decide his choice between the two persons.
Ichitaka Seto is in love with his classmate Iori, who is a a rising star in the acting field. His childhood friend Itsuki (who has a crush on Ichitaka, but Ichitaka doesn't know) has come back to Japan after living in America for 10 years. To clear his head, Ichitaka goes for a bike ride, and by coincidence ends up at a lake near a photo shoot Iori is doing. Meanwhile, Itsuki is walking by the lake when she witnesses a stabbing. The bikers now have a problem because Itsuki is a witness, and witnesses have to be eliminated.

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