I''s anime review

Aiming to become a molding artist, Itsuki, a childhood friend of Ichitaka who went to America come back to Japan. Iori who refused the idol path and started to pursue her ambition to become an actress instead. Ichitaka, wandering on his bicycle alone, tries to decide his choice between the two persons.
Ichitaka Seto is in love with his classmate Iori, who is a a rising star in the acting field. His childhood friend Itsuki (who has a crush on Ichitaka, but Ichitaka doesn't know) has come back to Japan after living in America for 10 years. To clear his head, Ichitaka goes for a bike ride, and by coincidence ends up at a lake near a photo shoot Iori is doing. Meanwhile, Itsuki is walking by the lake when she witnesses a stabbing. The bikers now have a problem because Itsuki is a witness, and witnesses have to be eliminated.

From I"s is a quick two-episode OVA focusing on a promise Ichitaka, Itsuki, and another friend, Yosuke, made to meet again at a specific spot ten years later.  Though not entirely terrible, the melodramatic and laughably ludicrous plot drags along jumping between Ichitaka and Itsuki's respective paths.  The unengaging plot isn't helped by the sub-par voice acting, mediocre art and animation.

I"s Pure is a six episode follow-up series that follows the original plot from the I"s manga.  The plot and art an improvement over From I"s. However, that not being much of an achievement to begin with, it just means that I"s Pure is still a below-average anime.  Making matters worse is the voice acting which doesn't improve in the same way as the technical aspects.  It's worth noting that even though the plot is more developed...

...It's creepy.

Since I"s Pure takes place while Ichitaka is in school, he interacts with Teratani more.  Most of the conversation revolves around Ichitaka's obsession with Iori, and, likewise, the majority of Ichitaka's activity in the series is related to his almost stalker-like focus on Iori.  The inclusion of an antagonist that actually poses a danger to Ichitaka an Iori does make Ichitaka's clueless/obsessive love seem less awkward, but it isn't nearly enough.

Capping things off is the the end of each episode, which each feature short scenes that can only be described as something which a young teen boy might use to 'find himself'.  Though not quite porn, they end up being an even more uncomfortable addition to an already uncomfortable show.

Needless to say, this is not the sort of thing one would watch with other human beings around and makes the entire I"s package an adolescent farce featuring one of the least likable main characters to grace an anime.  There is an audience for it, but even that target audience might find I"s lacking.

It's also worth noting that the 2 discs are mislabeled, so the From I"s OVA is on the I"s Pure disc and vice versa.  It seems that this was also true for other publications, and appears to be the case for this box set. This show has its priorities mixed up in more ways than one.

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: I''s. Watch it now:
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