Mitsudomoe anime review

Mitsudomoe anime review
Satoshi Yabe alias Yabe-cchi is just starting his new life as an elementary school teacher. On his first day of work he falls in love immediately with the natural airhead School Nurse, little does he know that in his assigned class the law is made by the Marui triplets. Can Yabe-cchi survive this ordeal or will the three sisters get the best of him.

Mitsudomoe is based on the manga series by Norio Sakurai. Running in at 13 episodes, this is one of the latest ‘slice of life’ anime hot on the heels of titles such as K-On and Lucky Star, revolving around the lives’ of the Marui triplets: Mitsuba, Futaba and Hitoha.

So far, so moe, but these three girls aren’t known for their doe eyes and cute demeanour. Their antics cause such strife within their school, they’ve been dubbed the ‘triplets of terror’. Turning this into a sort of Azumanga Daoih with innuendo, police arrests and regular humiliation being the norm.
Mitsuba the oldest of the three sisters and is often plotting evil schemes to force everyone in class to be her subordinates. Futaba on the other hand, is the reckless type with seemingly inexhaustible strength and an obsession with breasts that brings forth questions of mental health. The youngest Hitoha is shy and always misunderstood, too afraid to even express her love for their world’s TV heroes: Gachi Rangers.

Together, the three of them make the life of rookie-teacher Satoshi Yabe a living nightmare.

The simple art style aids in showing off the distinct personalities of each character.  Hitoha’s creepy aura being a prime example of this, adding to the characters expressiveness. This little added touch  makes her more interesting.

During the series early episodes there is nice humour, making the show stand up as a good quality sit-com but in time the story develops into something more muted, with less laughs and a little more emotional depth. That’s not to say Mitsudomoe veers into the realms of introspection. The secrecy around Hitoha’s mysterious, seemingly deeply ero-centic, book is a constant nail, combined with Futaba’s burning passion for boobs makes it inevitable  to expect a few sexual innuendos. The anime manages to also deliver a slice of life between the sometimes hilarious scenes, the show becoming a pleasurable watch, even if it does show how children can sometimes be. Through the humor derived from the various misunderstandings, it all comes down to how sister rivalry is always overcome by love.

Although the artwork resembles a more simplistic style It’s the writing that really drives this story. If you like your jokes dirty and your girls mishecous, you can’t go wrong here. For the rest of us seeking more depth however, it may be a bit of a one trick pony.

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: Mitsudomoe. Watch it now:
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