My Beautiful Girl Mari anime review

My Beautiful Girl Mari anime review
When office worker Nam-woo receives a package from childhood friend Jun-ho it transports him back to their last summer together. Back to their hometown in a small fishing village in the last few days before Jun-ho left for boarding school in Seoul. When a marble and an abandoned lighthouse had the power to transport him to a fantastic world where a mysterious flying girl named Mari lived.

The first thing that struck me on this movie was the absolutely gorgeous intro sequence coupled with a simple but no less beautiful song. While it was admittedly CG generated intro, it worked quite well. A good start, in other words. Could the movie keep up?

The art style, to put it directly, takes some time getting used to. Rather unusual for an anime title ... no less so for a Korean animation piece, I guess. But while it IS unusual, it's no less beautiful. The animation is just about flawless. And the art style, while unusual, works well and is as beautifully animated as anything I've seen from Ghibli works. Certainly, the settings are flat-out gorgeous.

The acting is also very good, as far as I can tell anyway. Granted, I have to admit I'm not the best of judges in languages I don't know, but it SOUNDS good, at least. ^_^

But strip away all that, and we have an absolutely beautiful ride back through childhood for those of us who have left it behind. The characters are played well, even though some aren't sympathetic (or meant to be). And Mari herself, despite my initial impression, isn't meant to be a crush for the main character, but more of a figment of his childhood. She's somewhat like a gender-switched Peter Pan. (Petra Pan, perhaps?)

The way the scenes switch between the real world and the world where Mari lives is also worth mentioning. While the general setting is that of a rural, coastal fishing town, Mari's world is positively surreal, all greens, plants and clouds and dogs whose size would give Godzilla inferiority complexes. Even the music turns positively odd during said sequences.

Okay, since I'm such a nitpick, I have to say that the train near the end of the movie looked like it was made of Legos. But jeez, I feel bad for even mentioning that, and it definitely not a big deal.

I really recommend you check this movie out. For an industry that just recently has started to acquire momentum and shown that they can produce works that can compare with the best of anime, Korean animation like this deserves your attention. Like White Heart Baekgu and Oseam, I can vouch for My Beautiful Girl Mari. It shouldn't be missed.

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