Nanatsuiro Drops anime review

Nanatsuiro Drops anime review

Tsuwabuki is a normal student, though not very social. One day he meets a new transfer student, named Sumomo Akihime, and another girl, both the only members of the gardening club. Tsuwabuki is forced by a teacher to join this club. But then he bumps into a strange guy with dog ears, switching his drink with they guy's by mistake. Drinking it, he is turned in a stuffed animal. The teacher tells him that the only way to turn back to normal is to find the chosen girl and let her catch the seven stardrops. This girl is Sumomo, who agrees to help him, though she's not allowed to know the animal's true identity.

Nanatsuiro Drops is about a boy, Tsuwabuki, who accidentally drinks a magical potion that causes him to turn into a stuffed animal lamb at night, and Sumomo, a girl who has a crush on Tsuwabuki, and who is tapped as a magical girl that must collect seven star drops in order to return Tsuwabuki, who is called Yuki-chan in his stuffed animal form, back to normal.

There is one catch, however: Tsuwabuki can’t let anyone know that he is also Yuki-chan, or else not only will he not be able to turn back into a human, but his consciousness will be locked away inside the stuffed animal as well. Also, things get increasingly complicated as both the stardrops become increasingly difficult to capture and a rival from a magical school in the parallel world of Figurare shows up to capture the stardrops herself.

On top of this, Tsuwabuki and Sumomo start getting into a deeper relationship at school, but of course they can’t date at night due to Tsuwabuki turning into Yuki-chan once the sun sets.

I kind of view Nanatsuiro Drops as the poor-man’s Cardcaptor Sakura. You have an out-of-the-blue magical girl with a stuffed animal sidekick, trying to collect magical items, riding around on a staff, with a rival who appears who ultimately ends up becoming friends with the main protagonist. As a result, the originality of the series is pretty low. Also, the story that does exist was relatively uninspiring to me, overall.

Part of the reason is that, while they do get a bit more challenging to capture after a while, the stardrops are initially very easy to capture, they don’t seem to do very much harm on their own, and they appear to be in enough abundance that both Sumomo and her rival can catch the same type of stardrops.  Also, this show just overall seems confused about whether it wants to be a romantic drama or a magical girl show, and it fails to be very good at either anyway.

The animation is probably about average and the music, while maybe a bit “cute” for my tastes, probably does fit the series.

Overall, if you’re just crazy about magical girl series, you may like Nanatsuiro Drops. Otherwise it just seems like an uninspired repetition of everything we’ve already seen before.

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: Nanatsuiro Drops. Watch it now:
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