Popotan anime review

Popotan anime review
Sisters Ai, Mai, Mii, and their housekeeper android Mea inhabit in a mysterious house that transports them through time and space. Following leads obtained from dandelions (or "popotan"), the sisters attempt to locate a certain someone believed to hold the answers to their questions. Their peculiar method of transport, however, does not come without its own set of painful drawbacks.

Ooh, I really couldn't wait to see Popotan. I had heard many stories, stories by the pound, about how extremely doinky this anime was. I was just relishing the chance to beat the snot out of this anime in review form.

And I got my wish.

Popotan is so doinky it out-doinks previous stinkers, like Lime-iro Senkitan and Mouse. Not only does it have all the elements of a bad harem anime, it has the magical power of DANDELIONS! Yes, folks, I am not kidding, these girls are connected with dandelions, and all their fates are intertwined by dandelions ... or something. I would really, really like to know who was chewing the midnight weed when he came up with this plot, because only somebody really ... out of it ... could come up with a plot of this level of doinkiness.

And on top of that, the main character doesn't even show up! Yes, that's right, except for the first episode, our "male lead", Daichi, never, ever shows up! I can only imagine he realized the error of his ways and ran away. That's what I would do if I were him, because the three girls are, in the harem-anime tradition, pointlessly kawaii and bland to the point where you can predict exactly what they're going to do and say. Also, there are many, many fanservicey scenes, usually involving Ai and her...huge bosoms (in fact, the very first shot of the opening credits is of her huge bosoms!), and even the youngest, Mii, who is obsessed with plushies and magical girls, gets a couple panty shots for all the sick perverts out there. As for the maid, Mea, well, it is hinted that she is a robot, as not only does she speak like Kirk from Star Trek, but she also cleans the house with such precision, she just has to be a robot. Yes, it's a harem and maid anime all in one, folks!

All through the episodes I watched, I was writhing in pain as the episodes scrolled their way across my computer screen, starting out with the dumb opening theme (Po po po po POPOTAN!) and ending with the even dumber ending theme. Not even the music is good in this one. As with Lime-Iro Senkitan, the only good thing about this doinky anime is the not-too-shabby animation and art style. But this doesn't raise my rating of it, as it resembles nothing more than richly decorated, velveteen toilet paper.

In short, don't watch Popotan.

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: Popotan. Watch it now:
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