Simoun anime review

Simoun anime review
In the world of Daikuuriku, everyone is born female, and chooses which sex they wish to become at age 17. In this world, the peaceful theocracy of Simulacrum is guarded by magical flying machines called "Simoun", which can only be piloted by young girls who haven't chosen a sex yet. The Simoun can activate a magical power known as "Ri Maajon" that can destroy large numbers of enemies at once. When the industrialized nation of Argentum decides that it needs to invade Simulacrum to acquire the secret of the Simoun, war breaks out, drawing the Simoun "Sibyllae" (priestesses who fly the Simoun) into a lopsided battle. Because the war is raging, the Sibyllae are granted an exemption from choosing a permanent sex for as long as they're willing to keep flying. Aaeru, a determined young Sibylla with a mysterious past, and Neviril, the leader of Chor Tempest, Simulacrum's most elite Simoun squadron, must lead their fellow priestesses through conflict both within their ranks and in the sky.

Niche anime typically rely more on fanboy gimmicks rather than actual quality to attract an audience. Only after years of meticulous trial and error does a worthwhile product rear its head. Hailing from a well-known sub-genre known as yuri, Simoun is most definitely a niche anime, but it ingeniously twists its characters and plot into a riveting, edge-of-your seat piece of entertainment.

If anything is true, you’ll hear few complaints about the production value. Yes, the animation has numerous inconsistencies, but it is good enough not to usher in vehement outcries. The seiyuu give a strong performance and the music assumes a unique style that fits the show exceptionally well. All the aesthetic values only complement this fascinating world where everyone is born female. However, the real meat of the series lies in its dynamic duet between the characters and the story.

The war story provides the problems while the characters provide the edgy drama. Dilemmas are lined up one after another to wreck havoc on any semblance of peace. With a massive collection of emotionally vulnerable characters, the show has numerous conflicts occurring side by side. As the series progresses, the battles become secondary to the character drama, and it becomes evident that the various webs of interaction between the characters is the real focal point of the series.

The large cast, however, proves to be a double edged sword. While there is never a shortage of conflicts, few characters receive deep, meaningful development. Due to this, I had a hard time wholeheartedly cheering for or crying for any specific character. Furthermore, in light of the well-paced and powerful story, the less than superb ending may disappoint. Then again, the show has so many interesting, sometimes poignant, twists and turns that the final impression of the show is nothing but positive.

If you enjoy a character driven shows seasoned with action, melodrama and yuri, Simoun is one of the best you can find. This show has the right balance of originality, fan service and genuine quality that definitely deserves a try.

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