Tenshi na Konamaiki anime review

Tenshi na Konamaiki anime review
Megumi-chan is a girl with a secret past. She used to be a boy until she met a person she thought was a magic user. This person gave him/her a magical book from which a genie appears to grant one wish when blood is applied to it. Megumi made the wish to be a man in a man's body but the genie has a twist: he grants wishes backwards so he turns Megumi-kun aged 9 to Megumi-chan. Years pass and Megumi enters High School where she immediately beats up the school bully who of course falls in love with her. She is looking for that book again to be able to reverse the spell placed upon her.

When my friend first told me about this anime "Tenshi na Konamaiki" I was skeptical at first to say the least as I have only ever liked one gender bender anime before this one, however After giving it a few episodes i was blown away!

The plot Megumi-kun a young boy at age 9 with his friend miki-chan save a man who looks like a wizard from some bullys megumi-kun pesters the "wizard" for a reward and gets one in the form of a book. This book contains a gene/demon that is called out to grant a wish if blood is placed on the book, Megumi-kun bleeding from the earlier tustle bleeds on said book and wishes to be the most manly man among men. The gene grants this wish but there is a catch he grants wishes backwards so megumi instead becomes the greatest girl among girls.

From there we go ahead high school where megumi-chan has turned into quit the lovley girl with a tomboyish personality and nack for beating up onfortunate punks who try to pick her up.

Anyway in a nut shell megumi's goal is to become a man again while her friend miki and all the boys who fell in love with her along the way wish for the exact opposite!

The comedy is great in this show I was laughing every couple min Megumi is a very endearing character you cant help but love this rag tag group of hero's an X delinquent, a pervert otaku, a boy who can only be classified as the most average and normal of guys, a traditional bushido "ninja" boy, and an oujo-sama as they help one another deal with there problems and try to find a way to get megumi back to normal or to keep her as is!

The art is different I was not sure if I would like it at first but it grows on you quickly and i find that i loved it.

The voice acting is well done I found myself giddy and bubbling with joy everytime i got to hear megumi say WAI! or YAI! (you will come to understand this joy)

The romance aspect of this show comes and goes and can be called it's only real lacking point if you ask me. You will see serious progression in the romance then it seams to die down to a slow trickle and even a drout for a time however over all it was enough to call this a romance that a girl and boy can both enjoy.

The music was enjoyable aswell i found the second opening to be my favorite and i listen to it often.

Length wise this anime is rather long compared to other anime so you have plenty of episodes to enjoy and the story does not feel rushed. I do wish a second season would come about but i do not see that happening.

I would say over all this anime is an 8/10 mostly because the cast is so gosh damn awsome!

In anycase I would very much like to see more OC members taking this anime up and perhaps even seeing it as a featured anime I think it is a diamond in the ruff a rose amongst the weeds you will enjoy it for one reason or another I am sure you will find watching this anime was a good use of time!

P.S. If this review was helpfull or you see room for improvment in future reviews i will be doing please give me feed back in your replys. If you want to see me doing more reviews let me know i will be happy to keep at it.

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