Tenshi no Shippo Chu anime review

Tenshi no Shippo Chu anime review
A year later, Goro has found a career and is going to school to become a veterinarian. The twelve "Angels" have sworn not to use thier powers as they continue to live with him. There are new problems to deal with as they grow together as a surrogate family and grow up.

It’s a sweet story line with more in-depth details to some of the angels who later came in season one. Personally, Momo is the sweetest one out of all. The series this time around focuses more on the lives of the girls rather than the master. It doesn’t mean that he’s not as important, after all he’s the reason they’re there. It just means we get a better view of the daily lives of the girls while Goro is off becoming a Vet. Though I use to think I was quick on my feet when it came to coming up with stories to cover you’re tracks, when the new landlady comes unexpectedly, it seemed as everyone just shot the 1st thought in their head and just ran with it, which pays off. It’s a sweet sweet tale with a bit of sadness, but it goes with a nice touch in terms of closure.

Music wise, it’s sweet and adorable. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the opening and ending tracks were done by the same artists from Azumanga Diaoh. There’s nothing lacking in animation. If there were fewer characters, then there might have been a few problems with personalities (mainly interaction with each other) and the display and array of expressions. There was some confusion for me ‘Personally’. In one episode we see a shinto priestess and a photographer of sorts spying on the girls. Later we learn that the priestess has high spirit awareness capabilities and felt that the girls were vengeful spirits and comes to eliminate them.

Prejudice anyone? Anyway, my main concern is: did she use her abilities to track them down? Or by some other methods? It’s almost given that yes she did use her powers, but I’d like to know exactly how. I love the voice acting for this series mainly because they kept voices from the 1st season. Particularly Momo’s and Akane’s were both soft spoken and sweet, and still are.

I’d say this one will be one of my favorites for a long time.

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: Tenshi no Shippo Chu. Watch it now:
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