ToHeart Remember my memories anime review

ToHeart Remember my memories anime review
Time flies by; Hiroyuki and Akari are 12th-graders now. Both of them and their friends have grown up gradually in someway, physically or mentally, but one of their best friends is missing: the lifelike android Multi. To their surprise, Multi is brought to their campus again without notice, yet she is no longer the same Multi they have known.

Reportedly, the entire cast of voice actors is back. From the first episode, the only voice that sounded different to me was Hiroyuki, whose voice is slightly deeper now. However, this makes perfect sense; Hiroyuki has gotten older, and his voice would have gotten deeper, while the girls' voices would remain much the same.

It appears they advanced the sequel to the present day. I don't remember Akari having a cell phone in the original series. Although Japan often gets electronic gizmos a bit earlier than the rest of the world, I assume one like hers would have still been very uncommon back in the days of the original To Heart.

One should definitely watch the original To Heart before watching To Heart ~ Remember My Memories ~.

The original is thirteen episodes long, and ran several years ago.

To Heart has a reputation for being rather boring. This accusation is somewhat justified because pretty much nothing happens. There is no plot. It's just slice-of-life and schooldays stuff, kinda like Azumanga Daioh, only without the zesty humor. For example, a large segment of the first episode is dedicated to watching a secondary character tear strips of paper. Seriously. That said, the original To Heart is very endearing. The characters are quite likeable, and I found their lives interesting.

Technically, one could describe the show as a harem comedy. It is based on a hentai game, after all. However, there is no fan service to speak of, and it's not really a harem comedy in the usual sense because the girls aren't lining up to bone a reluctant male protagonist. It is about one guy surrounded by girls, but Hiroyuki is a good-natured (if somewhat lazy) high school kid. He's not intimidated by girls, and he's not a loser, and they aren't all trying to bed him—they just happen to be all around him.

To Heart is a series of small adventures consisting of Hiroyuki making friends with a bunch of girls. There are culture festivals, and sports festivals, and friendly (platonic) dates. It's oddly soothing, and very pleasant to watch.

The music is excellent throughout, too.

To Heart took forever to be properly subbed. The most common fansubbed copies available are very old, low-resolution, shitty encodes. Expect low framerate and improper audio sync. Several groups made attempts at re-subbing the series, but only B-F managed to finish getting the entire series fansubbed with proper encoding and in good quality. Somewhat miraculously, TRSI has licensed the original series for Region One. To my knowledge, no release date for the DVDs has yet been announced.

Early responses to To Heart ~ Remember My Memories ~ have been somewhat negative, almost all due to one reason: different character designs. Although I consider myself somewhat open minded in this regard, I also found the Remember character designs quite jarring. I suppose the new look is intended to correspond with the original artwork found in the To Heart video game, but the artwork from the first anime series is much more attractive.

Aside from that, the sequel is quite nice. The first episode reintroduces the old characters, allowing the viewer to catch up with them. Assuming the end of the first episode is indicative of the direction the rest of the series will take, Remember should have two notable differences with the original To Heart anime: One, it appears Remember My Memories will have a plot (presumably related to the title itself). Two, it appears Multi will play a more prominent role.

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: ToHeart Remember my memories. Watch it now:
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