Ultra Maniac anime review

Ultra Maniac anime review
Nina Sakura, a young, clumsy witch travels from the magic kingdom to collect the five holy stones to win as the princess candidate, competing with her childhood friend,Maya Orihara. But eventually, she develops new friendships in this world with people like Ayu Tateishi, Kaji Tetsushi, Tsujiai Hiroki. She also helps Ayu and Kaji to form a couple.Then she faces the dilemma, whether to stay here or return to the world she belongs to.
Nina, a young girl from the Magic Kingdom, is a candidate for princess. She travels to Earth to search for Holy Stones required for her to be qualified as a candidate. On Earth, she meets Ayu Tateishi, who right away discovered her magical powers and who eventually became her best friend. They continue their friendship as Ayu further learns about Nina's mission. Finally, she collected the 5 Holy Stones. However, a dilemma then came: Nina cannot decipher on what road will she take -- to become a princess, or remain on Earth with her friends.

I decided to watch this anime because I like the manga a lot. But I was a bit worried when hearing that it was a bit...doinky...compared to the manga. Fortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case, and aside from a few small things, I liked this anime just as much as the manga.

Ultra Maniac has a mix of the typical Yoshizumi Wataru love triangles (after all, this is based on one of her manga ^^) and magical girl-ness. The anime tends to focus more on the magical girl part of it, though, resulting in a nice, long transformation sequence for Nina which gets repeated ad nauseum throughout the show and gets quite annoying after a while.

Ayu is an interesting character, and she's certainly not a ... beach ... like Miki from the Marmalade Boy anime was. And just like Miki, Ayu plays tennis (another sign that this is a Yoshizumi Wataru work). Unfortunately I cannot say the same for Kaji, her crush, who is a bit bland and boring.

Nina's hijinks are entertaining though (especially in episode 3), and are generally fun to watch, although Nina herself tends to be the ditzy type (as with mostly every magical girl).

As for music, the OP and ED are OK, but are best listened to in their full version. The TV-size versions are rather doinky. The animation and art style are average for TV anime, and Tsujiai, the guy who I'm predicting is going to end up with Nina by the end, looks a bit like a Captain Tsubasa reject.

Ultra Maniac is an enjoyable show, with a couple small flaws, and it's a good anime to watch in between heavier fare. I recommend it.

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: Ultra Maniac. Watch it now:
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