Wind A Breath of Heart anime review

Wind A Breath of Heart anime review
An airship drifts quietly over the town. In this town, everybody has a special quasi-magical power, save only for Makoto Okano. Having been away for years, he and his sister Hinata now return to the town, and Makoto soon encounters his childhood sweetheart Minamo. It seems the stuff of ordinary romance and everyday life, yet there is a mystery under the surface of the strange town.
As you can guess from the score, I didn’t like this anime. It’s a romance/comedy series, consisting of 13 short episodes. The total playtime of just over 2 hours is sadly not enough for a decent plot to unfold.
The plot is simple, a boy makes a childhood-promise with a girl and when they later meet and she tries to confess. The creators intended to enrich the storyline with various sub-plots, but they don’t have enough time to explain or make you care about any of them. Supernatural elements are also included in the background, as usual, but they play such a minor role that it makes you wonder why they exist. Special abilities are forgotten so quickly that the whole plot has a disjointed Yumeria-like feel.
The most disappointing thing about the plot is that it actually does neither start nor end! The final scene leaves everything hanging in the air… and not in an “Evangelion� kind of way. It feels truly unfinished; as if the budget lasted only up to episode 13 or something. I’m currently waiting for the ovas to see if there is at least any conclusion to this story.
It is true that there are some fun or touching elements in the series. Even so, they are not enough though to keep you interested. If you watch it to the end it will be because it’s so short that you could as well sit for half an hour more in front of the screen.
Some of the characters are very interesting. Wind could be very good if only its story was better, or even complete.
Better than review, is a Trailer video of: Wind A Breath of Heart. Watch it now:
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