You're Under Arrest II anime review

Megami Sama creator, Kosuke Fujishima, is back with the second season of Taiho Schihauzo (You're Under Arrest). Same characters, two policewomen, the gentle Miyuki and the wild Natsumi teamed up together in Bokuto police station's traffic division.

This would never have been made in America.

I'm not talking about Natsumi coming in hung over, or Yoriko gossiping about the latest news, or, heck, the simply gorgeous transvestite "policewoman" (who we call "Belldandy-kun"). No, it's not that these people are weird, because that's par for the course.

But the most serious crimes committed during the course of this show ... vandalism, random minor assault, trespassing. It's hard to believe there's a police precinct this sedate! But Japan is not the land of NYPD Blue or Crime Scene Investigations, so You’re Under Arrest has more arresting personalities than actual arresting.

Mind you, that doesn't make this show boring by any means. The characters are really well developed and likable, and quite a few of the episodes serve to remind us that writing tickets and nabbing criminals aren't the only ways that police officers serve their communities. In fact, it would do us good to remember that these people aren't just there to risk their lives for us, but to help us a bit too. Besides, this is a Fujishima work. You don't see Oh My Goddess go violent and bloody, so we shouldn't expect it out of this show either.

The animation is admittedly a step down from the OAVs (especially noticeable as the last OAV gives way to the first actual TV episode, which is technically episode 5) but that's to be expected. Also, Nakajima Atsuko's character designs are subtly, but noticeably different from the OAVs. Music is understated and fine, and the opening song works because it isn't too flashy or outrageous.

Which is about par for the course for this series. There aren't as many car chases or shootouts, but you get to know the precinct officers really well in the process. That's a trade I can certainly live with, as I'm of the opinion that there's never enough slice-of-life anime out there. Think of the TV series as a true-to-life Mobile Police Patlabor. If you want action, watch the OAVs and the movie. But for in-depth characterization and a few odd jokes here and there, You're Under Arrest is charming and enjoyable and certainly worth a watch.

Better than review, is a Trailer video of: You're Under Arrest II. Watch it now:
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