Zombie Loan anime review

Zombie Loan anime review
Michiru Kita is a special girl who possesses Shinigami Eyes, which allows her to see a dark ring around a person's neck. This ring symbolizes the person's impending death; once they are marked to die, a gray line, which is invisible to normal people, appears on their neck, and once the ring turns completely black, the person dies. Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana, two boys in her class, both have black rings around their necks, but to her surprise, they are not yet dead. It is revealed that after a tragic accident that was supposed to kill them both, the two boys made a deal with a secret loan office called the Zombie-Loan. In return for keeping them alive, the two have to hunt zombies for the loan office. When Michiru gets involved with them, she finds that her life has just become more complicated.

Beginning with a backhanded compliment, one of the best things about Zombie-Loan is that it’s over quickly. This is unfortunately a series that, try as it might (and, in honesty, with the budget it’s been dealt, there’s no reason for it to try very hard) it just can’t do anything well. The premise is generic, the characters are worse, the plot goes nowhere, and the less said about the animation and music, the better. This isn’t the worst anime I’ve seen, but I have seen a lot of bad anime, after all.

Saying Zombie-Loan has no ambition is putting it lightly. Here we have yet another series that takes a supernatural entity and lets them hunt other supernatural entities that pose a risk to normal humans. It’s the premise of virtually every second action anime, and only very few series can make it interesting these days. For the most part, the series is happy to dwell in its own shallowness, with sloppy action sequences and moé fanservice making the hook, but occasionally it does rise above the superficial, particularly when it makes itself out to be a detective mystery. The problem with these scenes is that they take the roundabout route to reach conclusions that, had they ignored all the obvious red herring clues, would have reached in much quicker time. But I wouldn’t have minded this series if it tried to be Da Vinci Code, anime style, more often, since ultimately the majority of screen time requires little to no thinking from the audience.

The characters are all archetypes. Chika and Shito are stoic bishounen, while Michiru is your overwhelmed (and overwhelming) moé protagonist and these are the characters that actually get any semblance of character development. Pretty much everyone else in the cast is useless; they’re either to be plot devices or excuses for fanservice. The character development for Chika and Shito, as little of it as there was, makes the cerebral highlight of the series, as well as the few scenes where Zombie-Loan analyses the impact the whole zombie phenomenon has on the people they leave behind. It’s not something pointless action series tend to consider, and for that Zombie-Loan does deserve some credit. What it doesn’t deserve credit for is a terrible ending: the whole sequence was little more than “save the bishounen in distress”, while the series ends with about half a million unanswered question… although at this stage I found it difficult to care about the answers.

Ultimately, Zombie-Loan suffers from commercial-for-a-manga syndrome, but I’m not sure who’d be intrigued after such an inane story and sloppy aesthetic effort driving its boring fights and faux mystery. Maybe if it had less generic characters and cliched premise, it’d be better, but that would make it a completely different series, wouldn’t it? There are highlights in this series, but when they comprise a mere twenty-odd minutes in an eleven episode run, I’m not sure why one should bother.

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